Kendall's Plumbing and Heating FAQ's

How do I know the work is guaranteed?

Kendall’s Plumbing and Heating will offer a no-charge repair fee on services for up to thirty days after service. The no-charge guarantee includes a diagnosis of the problem and the appropriate repairs that apply to an issue that directly involves work done previously by this company. For any parts that are not working correctly, Kendall’s Plumbing and Heating will offer a warranty of one year. *

What happens if I have a plumbing or heating issue late at night or on a holiday?

We will absolutely ensure our clients are taken care of at any time of day whether it is a holiday or in the middle of the night. The after-hours services offered by our company will be reserved for emergency-based situations only. Routine work will typically be deferred to our regular hours. Special service charges will apply for calls between 5:00pm-8:00am and on weekends/holidays.

Why should I hire a Certified Plumbing Company?

Ensuring that the company you hire employs an Alberta Certified Journeyman plumber allows you to be confident in the fact that your plumber is knowledgeable and up-to-date in the proper techniques to install/repair your home plumbing and heating needs and to know the correct codes. Also, by hiring an incorporated plumbing company, you are protected from unforeseeable errors that the company may be at fault for through the company’s insurance.

What does your service fee cover?

The service fee covers the time and travel costs to go to your location. There will not be any extra fees for mileage distance.

How will I be billed for services?

We have a set rate for services that includes our initial service/diagnostic charge as well as a half-hour rate that applies once we have begun working. For small services such as one-day repairs or emergency calls, the client will be billed the day of service and payment will be expected on that date by cash, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Debit or personal cheque.

For larger projects such as renovations, basement finishes or small residential, Kendall’s Plumbing and Heating will give a free estimate. Once the project has been completed, the client will be billed and payment is expected up to 30 days after. For very large estimates, we will expect payment at different stages of the project.

Do you supply the plumbing fixtures or will I need to purchase them ahead of time for you to install?

Kendall’s Plumbing and Heating will be more than happy to either install previously purchased products for a specific fee (ex. toilets, taps etc.) or we can also give a list of recommendations for good quality products and pick them up for you from our wholesalers.

My shower head does not flow very much. What could be the issue?

There are several causes for shower heads to have low flow. First, there could be water residue built-up in the shower head impeding the flow of water. This is corrected by cleaning out the shower head with a product designed to remove water deposits. Second, there could be issues with your pressure tank. There may be too many fixtures running at once such as the dishwasher, washing machine and shower. You may need larger water lines to accommodate the demand for water. Third, you may have a ‘low flow’ shower head, which can simply be corrected by removing the low flow o-ring. If you are concerned with an issue of low water pressure, feel free to contact Kendall’s Plumbing and Heating to discuss the issue further.

My dishwasher is leaking. Is this a plumbing issue or an appliance issue?

It could be either depending on where the leak is originating from. If the leak is coming from the plumbing hook-ups then it is likely a plumbing issue. If the leak is coming from the actual dishwasher itself, then it is likely a faulty appliance issue. If you are unsure, our certified plumber will be more than willing to asses the situation.

I have no hot water. What could be the issue?

There is likely an issue with your hot water tank. It could be as simple as a pilot light not lit or there could be more complicated issues such as a faulty thermocouple or a bad gas valve. If you cannot resolve the issue it is advisable to call a plumber.

What is considered a plumbing and heating “emergency?”

An emergency would be any type of situation that needs immediate attention. Examples of such emergencies would be having no heat on a very cold winter day/night, a burst water pipe that is rapidly leaking/spraying water or if one suspects a gas leak. It is crucial to call a certified plumber in any of these circumstances, especially if one detects gas because the gas valve must be shut off immediately.

Are chemical products that claim to unclog pipes good for drains?

No, these products are typically quite corrosive and can cause degradation to your pipes as well as our tools which can lead to issues in the future such as leaks. It is always advisable to seek professional services to correctly unclog a pipe/drain.

Are all cleaning products safe to use on my new plumbing fixtures?

Most cleaning agents are fine for surfaces that are porcelain. Due to the harsh chemical nature of most cleaning agents, it is unadvisable to use these products directly on surfaces that have a finish on them because is can cause discoloration (example: a gold or chrome coating on taps). It is also unadvisable to use toilet cleaning agents that directly go into the back tank of your toilet (such as cleaning pucks). These products can cause build-up on your toilets inner components causing them to cease over long-term use. It is more advisable to use a toilet cleaning agent that attaches to the bowl of the toilet or is a liquid agent that is rinsed off.


* Warranty on parts will only be offered if there is an error in the manufacturing of the product and excludes damages incurred by customer fault.
For actual fixture malfunctions, typically the manufacturer has a set warranty that will cover any consumer concerns for a set period of time after purchase.





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